Pink Mobile Phones, Really?

 Pink Mobile Phones, Really?


Pink mobile phones were once the realm of spoiled celebrity women toting toy dogs and designer purses. Now all women, of any economic status can enjoy a life enhanced by pink  the rose sexual toy  mobile phones. Aren't electronic devices supposed to be silver, grey, or black, or any combination thereof? What is it about this specifically colored phone that captures the minds of women (and a portion of men) the world over?

Long recognized as the color of health, pink appeals to the softer and more plush nature of our world. Whereas black communicates death, evil, mystery, and fear, pink casts a fond happiness even masculine forces must admit to (albeit secretly so as not to bruise delicate egos). This oft ridiculed color has been clinically proven to sooth the savage beast, thus indicating there is some kind of "hard-wiring" deep within the crevasses of our brains which automatically calms us down upon the mere sight of it.

On the other hand, uttering the words "hot pink" exudes sex appeal and causes body parts to engorge with blood. No other color has the confidence to achieve this and carry through moments of passion, save perhaps shades of red. With pink mobile phones, a vibrating device held up to a woman's face (intimate distance, mind you), leaves much to a red-blooded man's imagination.

Pink is a color that signifies the epitome of a woman's feminine charms. It is arguably the most popular shade women love to adorn themselves with. When a female wishes to dress up in a fun outfit, or appear youthful and full of vigor, pink is the hue to go to. Quite succinctly, a girl wears pink, and a boy wears blue. Toy manufacturers know this, clothing manufacturers exploit this, and now phone companies have taken the same tact. Pink phones are here to stay, right alongside pink laptops, pink car interiors, and pink firearms (really?).

Everything else in a woman's life has been painted, molded, or assembled using pink components. It is only natural for mobile phones to follow suit. Metals can be made without too much trouble in any h

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